So our journey continues from Las Vegas to New Orleans. Flights were cheap, about  150 euro a  head which included a bag so fairly good price. This was our first time on Southwest Airlines. The plane was nice, clean and comfortable, the lack of service didnt matter cause the low price and short flight. Flying with Southwest the check in needst to be done as soon as possible cause thats the order of boarding also. So your ticket will say say A B C or D. I wish i knew this before but luckily we got seats next to each other. Transportations from the airport wasnt the greatest but we got uber to the town. Driver was nice and he also told us what to do in Nola and where to eat and more.  Good to get some info from a local.

New Orleans was the Place i was looking forward the most. I had heard some stories about the Place but who hasn´t? But watching my favourite tv show NCIS New Orleans, Place looked so cool, full of history and architecture, not just mardi gras and debauchery. Nola is also the home of some of the best restaurants around. You need to try at least some of it. Gumbo and Jambalaya, Po´Boys you name it. But first,

Cafe du monde: Theres a reason why everybody tells you to go there. One is great coffee and hot chocolates, but main reason is those heavenly french donuts called beignets. Sugar covered donuts, so delisious and so fresh. 1 portions is 3 donuts but dont share a bag, get one each, trust me. The Place is on French Market, 800 Decatur St, New Orleans.

Coffee and beignets at café du monde


Po´Boys: I had no idea what it really was but i read somewhere that its one of those must haves in here. So when we arrived to our hotel we were quite hungry but little tired so didnt wanna go look for food so we ordered in. Hotel staff recommended one take away Place to us, sadly cant remember what it was. But we got those po´boys and its a chunky sandwitch made with baguette. Stuffed with meat, shrimp or fish plus salad, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. My husband got alligator one, but it seemed too strange for me so i got chicken. They were huge, tasty and just what we needed.

Gumbo:  Gumbo is a soupy stew originating in Southern Louisiana during the 18th century. Usually made with sausage, vegetables and rice, but sometimes also with seafood. Good Place to try that is Cafe Amelie.

French Market also is a great Place to try some of these foods and it also has all the nick nacks for souveniers.

French Market

Cocktails: Citys most famous cocktail is hurricane. Its a sweet rum based drink with fruit juice and syrup. Birthplace was Pat O´Brians Irish pub. Its also a must Place to visit in Nola. Great atmosphere, live music and great food.

Pat O´Brians

But enough about the food… so many cool things to see in here. You can go walk around the Frenchman street market for cafes and handmade  art or Bourbon street, located in the french quarter, also the older neighborhood, for little night in the town, its fairly quiet during the day but comes alive at night. Local open container laws allows drinking alcoholic beverages on the quarter´s streets.

Frenchman Street


Louis Armstrong park: This park is located in Treme neighborhood, just across rampard street from the French quarter. Park was home to the first New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival in 1970. Its named after jazz musician Louis Armstrong. Inside the park is statues of Armstrong and many more. 

Music and jazz fans must visit Place is The Preservation Hall. Established in 1961 to preserve and protect traditional New Orleans Jazz. Situated at the heart of the French Quarter at Peter Street. It presents intimate acoustic jazz conserts nightly featuring some of New Orleans finest performers.

Preservation Hall
Louis Armstrong Park

If music and parties are not on your list, you can hop on steamboat Natchez and Cruise around the Missisippi.

Steamboat Natchez

We didn´t have a lot of time in here so decided to book a New Orleans city tour. We always book these from viator.com. Its easy and safe.  This tour will take us around the town to see the garden district, Saint Louis 2 cemetery, French Quarter and some of the areas affected By hurricane Katrina.

Missing house after Katrina

Some beautiful houses and green parks on the garden district.  We drove  past some celebrity houses like Sandra Bullocks. Always kinda interesting to see how they actually live. Those cemeterys are very beautiful and unique but also little creepy.

Saint Louis 2 Cemetery

So this Place the “Big Easy” lives up to its name. Such relaxed feeling in this Place. We loved it. Completely in love with its atmosphere. If you are looking for some good time, great food rich culture, look no further than New Orleans, it has everything.












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